Creating the Impact You Desire Starts With an INTENTIONAL Focus On ROI…

…Your Kingdom ROI, That Is.

Break Free From the Systems That Keep You Enslaved to the World, & Build a Kingdom-Centered Mindset That Can Generate Abundance For Your Family For 100 Years Or More.

It All Happens Inside Kingdom ROI University.

You’ve worked hard to give your family a better life and create wealth that could impact generations.

But now, you can’t help but wonder—are all your best-laid plans actually helping your family experience more abundance for generations to come?

…Or are they setting your loved ones up for a lifetime of money-related disputes and disconnection?

From building your business to building your family, you’ve been seriously blessed. You want to make the most of your momentum and create the kind of prosperity that your family can enjoy for a century or more. But while everything looks fine on paper—you’re starting to notice some cracks in the foundation…

  • You frequently work long hours or carry your work stress home with you. Part of being an entrepreneur? Maybe. But there’s no denying that it’s starting to impact your marriage and your ability to be present with your kids. 100% 100%
  • Speaking of work stress—it’s taking a toll on your health. You’re not as in-shape as you used to be. You frequently grab ‘convenience meals’, skip meals entirely, or indulge in comfort foods that bring you a shred of peace after a crazy day. You want to be around for your family as long as possible, so you know something here has to give. 100% 100%
  • You don’t feel good about the amount of money you’re sending to the government each quarter. It’s not just that you want to keep more of your cash in your pocket—though of course you do. It’s that you have the sense that those dollars could be doing something more meaningful and purposeful, if only your tax bills weren’t so unreasonable. 100% 100%
  • You’re worried about the impact your wealth might have on your family as time goes on. You read horror stories about families torn about by spoiled grandkids, substance abuse, or inheritance squabbles, and shudder to think: “What if…?” 100% 100%

Your deepest desire is to provide for your family, make an impact with your work, and glorify the Kingdom.

But you know—you can’t keep moving forward with the lack of clarity, direction, and conviction you’ve experienced so far.

Ready to experience a better, more faith-centered way of living?
To realign your business with what the Kingdom desires for you?
To be the leader your spouse, your kids, and your team deserve?

Shifting from a worldly ROI to a KINGDOM ROI is your first step.

““Working Kingdom ROI has been an investment in our family, not just our finances. Thier concern for our well-being and using our money for God’s kingdom aligned with our values, and we saw the benefits almost immediately.….

What I appreciate most about working with Kingdom ROI  is the personal relationship we have with them. We start every meeting by discussing our personal lives, our family, and what we want to pray about. They care about us as people, not just as clients.”

— Dr. Steve and Shannon Mikell

Kingdom ROI is THE unconventional approach for high-net-worth families and business owners looking to build generational abundance, in a way that honors and glorifies God’s Kingdom.

Here, we take the focus off the worldly definition of ROI (Return On Investment), and encourage faith-based family leaders and business owners to refocus on what really matters to them:


You want the work you do to bring glory to the Kingdom… but you’re still stuck navigating the systems of the world. Here, we reprioritize our attention to ensure that God is at the helm of your life, marriage, family, and business.


Your family is the reason you do what you do. We’re here to protect their interests and ensure the work you’re doing now blesses your family for generations. We also look at how you’re showing up for your ‘business family’ and identify ways to prepare the next generation with the wisdom needed to lead the company.


You’ve been called to “love your neighbor as yourself”—but can you honestly say you’re loving yourself well? Likewise, scripture says that when we marry, “the two will become one flesh”—but how does your lack of self-love impact the way you view your spouse, as an individual and as a partner? By prioritizing your health and protecting your energy, you prepare your heart to be a better leader for your family and in the world.


You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Now’s the time to intentionally grow and protect what you’ve strived so hard to build. We believe that by putting Faith, Focus, and Family first, our financial plans become much clearer. Instead of striving to hit higher and higher numbers without anchoring those numbers in a vision, we can clearly see a path to achieve the future we want financially.

“I have had experience with other financial planners who were only interested in selling their products..

Kingdom ROI is different. They are always friendly and willing to help, and there’s typically always a quick response. I don’t hesitate to call them for anything.”

— Danny and Lynn Muhs

>> Deepen your relationship with your spouse and show up more intentionally for your family.

>> Create a plan for your life and your business that reaches your biggest goals AND glorifies the Kingdom.

>> Take back control of your health, your happiness, and your satisfaction with your life.

>> Learn how to approach leadership from a Biblical, faith-centered standpoint, so you can increase the impact of your ministry in everything you do.

>> Learn strategies to cut your taxes by 12% or more, so you can use your money to build your family’s abundance or give back to the charitable causes you care about most.

>> Uncover methods to consistently grow your business and your wealth by more than 16%, so you can create generational abundance that fuels your family for generations to come.

…Embrace your Kingdom Potential & get ready to impact your family for 100 years or more.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our proven process, get tailored-to-you answers for your burning questions, and find out how Kingdom ROI University can transform your family’s future. Plus, find out whether you’re eligible to attend our next roundtable event, free of charge!

I would tell anyone who’s a business owner—especially a believer—we’ve GOT to know these things. 

We’ve got to step up our game. I feel it’s almost mandatory to go through this..”

—Kraig & Desiree Bougher, Founders, XR Gifts

How it works…

Looking at modern-day leaders who’ve built ‘kingdoms’ only to watch everything they love crumble seemingly overnight… You want to do better.

Yes, you want to make smart investments, save on taxes, and give your family a life of financial abundance.

But you want more than that, too.

You want to live a life you’re proud of. You want to make thoughtful decisions about the long-term impact your wealth may have. You want to make a difference.

Kingdom ROI is here to help you shift your story—from one of blindly building in the name of Return On Investment… to one of INTENTIONAL abundance, purpose, and prosperity.

“Kingdom ROI provided me with an invaluable perspective.

It helped me prioritize what truly matters and focus my energy on things that make a difference. The eternal perspective it gave me was priceless, as I realized I wasn’t just looking at the 80 or 90 years of my life, but also multi-generational legacy. I believe any couple in business who wants to improve themselves would benefit greatly from engaging with Kingdom ROI.”

—Ben Dichiara


Secular systems set you up to build ‘sandcastles’—temporary dynasties that dissolve as soon as the rough waves of life start rolling in. The mindsets of the masses are designed to keep you stuck in:

Often, this looks like:

  • Spending more time at work than you do with your family.
  • Not cherishing your spouse the way God calls us to.
  • Being distracted or ‘too busy’ for your kids when they need you.
  • Thinking ‘the hustle’ is more important than your health and wellbeing.
  • Following outdated or harmful ways of approaching savings, taxes, and inheritance, simply because ‘that’s how it’s always been done.’
  • Saying you’re grateful for all you have—but deep down, feeling like all your blessings are well on their way to becoming more burdensome than you ever expected.


Faith-based business owners are called to walk away from the sandcastles—and instead, build real, faith-based Kingdoms. Walls of stone and cement that hold up even when life starts to get shaky. A Kingdom-centered life and business is built around eternal concepts like…

When your mindset, business, and daily actions reflect what’s in your heart, you set your family up for lifechanging abundance, including…

  • Generational wealth that ensures a safe, comfortable life for your kids, your kids’ kids, and even their kids.
  • A strong family-values system, rooted in concepts like faith, family, work ethic, generosity, connection—whatever matters most to your household.
  • Opportunities for charitable giving that support the earthly causes you care most about and glorify the Kingdom.
  • Remembering that your body is a temple and your health is one of God’s greatest gifts, and prioritizing your wellbeing accordingly.
  • Loving your spouse, your family, your team, your neighbors, and everyone you meet the way God calls us to love others.

In Kingdom ROI University, you’ll get clear about what you want most out of your life—and what systems and mindsets are currently standing in your way.

Through our proprietary process, you’ll go soul-deep to…

  • Rewire your mindset around what “ROI” really means
  • Bring a more Kingdom-centered approach to every element of your life and business
  • Turn your fear, scarcity, and disconnection into lasting peace, abundance, and impact
  • Get closer to God, zero-ing on His true purpose for your life, work, and ministry
  • Deepen your connection to your spouse and children, suring-up the foundations of your family and showing them what a Kingdom leader really looks like

…and so much more.


Kingdom ROI University Online

Get access to our complete online curriculum, including…

  • 100 – Preparing for the Kingdom Journey
  • 101 – Activating a Kingdom Mindset
  • 201 – Living in Kingdom Systems

Here, you’ll find a wide, comprehensive, and in-depth array of trainings, resources, and tools to help you create a permanent shift in perspective and start building an ROI that matters.

Plus, you’ll enjoy buil-in peer accountability through our KROI online community

KROI Mastermind Experience

Here, you’ll get access to the complete KROI University Online experience—plus…

  • One hour of private coaching each month
  • Access to Regular Roundtable Events:

– The MASTERMIND Roundtable – an interactive, edifying experience for Kingdom-minded couples to get serious about seeing breakthrough in spiritual connection, family unity and business growth.

Not sure which track is right for you? Start the conversation today with a free consultation—and find out whether you’re eligible to attend this month’s roundtable events at no charge! 

“This isn’t about a product or even a specific plan.

It’s about you and your goals, and what you want to work towards, and figuring out the best way to get there. The Kingdom ROI team is going to be with you every step of the way.”

— Kay & Bill Simpson, Retired Physical Therapist

Throughout History, Relentless Pursuit of Wealth Has Consistently Been The Biggest Downfall Of Even The Most Powerful Kings & Queens.

From Biblical figures like King Solomon & King David to present-day billionaires and politicians…

…We’ve all seen that a Kingdom built on money alone cannot stand.

It takes a departure from traditional ROI-driven systems and tools.

It takes focus on a more comprehensive, purpose-driven approach to abundance
It takes an intentional alignment of money and values.
Earthly treasures and eternal kingdom-building.

Faith, Focus, Family, and Finance.

Ready to find out how a Kingdom-centered mindset can transform your family, your life, your business, your relationship with God, and more?

Schedule a free consultation to ask questions, get specific feedback on your family’s challenges, and learn more about how Kingdom ROI University can help.

Kingdom ROI University Is For You If…

  • You’re a faith-minded business owner who wants to grow and protect abundance that will impact your family for 100 years or more.
  • You’re worried that the wealth you’re creating might lead to negative implications for your family down the line.
  • You’re done with grinding and want a work-life balance that prioritizes the people and projects you care about most.
  • You want to step up and lead the way God calls us to lead.
  • You know you need to put more energy into caring for your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, so you can be the kind of partner, parent, and human you want to be.
  • You want to deepen your connection with your spouse, be a more present parent, and pass on the love, values, and wisdom that you dream of providing for your children.
  • You’re done building sandcastles and ready to create a Kingdom-centered legacy that lasts.

Join Us Today & Work Directly With Our Kingdom ROI University Faculty to Transform Your Faith, Family, Focus, & Finances

Eric L. Dunavant
Kingdom ROI Focus Strategist

Angel Dunavant
Kingdom ROI Generosity Strategist

Chris Callahan
Kingdom ROI Faith Strategist

Drew Brown
CEO & Kingdom ROI Strategist

Russell Riggs
Financial ROI Strategist

Thea Lowery
Family ROI Strategist

It’s Time to Shift Your Focus From Chasing an Empty ROI…
…To Creating the Return On INTENTION & Massive Impact You Were Put On This Earth to Make.

Learn More About How Kingdom ROI University Can Help You Set Your Family Up For 100+ Years of Abundance, Protect Your Wealth as It Grows, & Live Out Your God-Given Legacy.

frequently asked questions

Q: I’m curious, but I have questions. How can I learn more about Kingdom ROI University?

Schedule a call to visit with one of our mentors. Here, you’ll have a chance to directly ask all your questions and find out if you qualify to join us.

You may also be eligible to join one of our upcoming roundtable events, where we invite interested parties to come get a feel for the KROI University experience, teaching style, and community. Learn more about this opportunity here.

Q: Do I need to own a business to join Kingdom ROI University?

To be eligible for KROI University, you either need to:

  • Own a business
  • Be the spouse of a business owner
  • Be in an executive leadership position with your organization
Q: Can I attend without my spouse?

This program is best experienced by spouses. If you’re married, we encourage you to go through this process with your partner.

To get a taste of what it’s like to work in partnership as a couple with our team, we invite you to join our monthly Growth Roundtable, which is designed as an edifying, interactive experience for spouses to enjoy together. Book a call to learn how you might be eligible to attend our next Growth Roundtable at no charge.

That being said, if your partner isn’t able to get started right away, you’re welcome to begin this process independently and link your spouse in later. Questions about how this works? Schedule a call with one of our mentors and let’s talk through it together.

Q: How long does it last?

The Kingdom ROI University Curriculum takes approximately 6 months to complete the first time through.

In addition to the basic curriculum, we also offer an opportunity to upgrade to our Mastermind experience, where you’ll get:

  • Online University access to the entire KROI curriculum
  • Built-in peer accountability
  • Access to 2 Monthly Roundtable Events
  • One 1-hour monthly private coaching session
  • Access to 90-Minute Recurring Roundtables
    – Growth Roundtable (for couples)
    – Business Roundtable (for business owners – spouses welcome)

For more information about the Mastermind experience—or to find out how you might be eligible to attend our next roundtable and get a taste of the KROI experience—please book a call with one of our KROI mentors today.

Beyond KROI University, graduates are also welcome to attend our annual Kingdom ROI Family Reunion, where we combine experiential learning with curated keynote speakers.

Q: Who should go through Kingdom ROI University?

Kingdom ROI University is best-suited for couples and individuals seeking to build generational abundance and impact through their business and lifestyle.

You do not have to be a current business owner to go through the course—those who are considering entrepreneurship, looking to start a business, or in executive leadership are welcome to join—but most of the course is covered through the lens of business ownership.

Q: Is the training live or on-demand?

Your Kingdom ROI University trainings are available on-demand through our training portal.

For those selected to join our Mastermind program, your enrollment will include LIVE monthly roundtables. These events will expand on the teachings covered in the online trainings, challenge you to go deeper in your vision, and provide the opportunity to grow alongside other like-minded business owners.

Q: Is there an accountability element to the program?

Everyone who enrolls in Kingdom ROI University is invited into our online accountability group, where you’ll interact with others going through the program and benefit from community accountability.

Those who participate in our Mastermind Program also receive our two specific monthly roundtable trainings where there is direct interaction with other participants.

Q: Can we work with Eric and Angel directly?

Each quarter, Eric and Angel Dunavant take on one new couple for 1:1 mentorship, with a maximum of four couples at any one time. Because of the focused concentration of this work, working directly with the Dunavants is a significant investment. To learn more about the details of this work and find out whether you’re eligible, please schedule a call with a KROI Mentor.