Find Out How the Most Successful Leaders Are Creating Limitless Wealth,
Without Sacrificing Happiness at Home.

Purpose-Minded Entrepreneurs: Are You Thriving In Your Business… Or Just Surviving?

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If You’re Growing Your Business, Achieving an Impressive ROI, and Still Feeling Like Something’s Off… It’s Time For a Better Way.

Discover How Thousands of Faith Based Families Are Shifting Their Mindset to Increase Their Return On INVESTMENT, While Also Honoring Their Family’s INTENTIONS and Desired Lifetime and Generational IMPACT With…



The Kingdom ROI Accelerator is our signature training for Kingdom-minded business owners and their spouses. Inside, you’ll learn how you can set yourself free from the broken systems of the world and shift your mindset to put family and faith back in the driver’s seat, including…

  • Why so many Faith Based business owners are secretly miserable, why business owners divorce at a rate 10% higher than average, and how you can avoid the unintended consequences of growing a successful business. 

  • How my 7, 8, and 9-figure clients are growing their wealth at an average of 16.43% per year—without becoming slaves to their business or putting a strain on their family life. 

  • The systems and mindsets currently avowed by the financial industry—and how they’re actually designed to keep you feeling stuck.

  • What your current business and financial strategies are really costing your family, and how you could unlock next-level wealth, happiness, and purpose with just a few simple changes.

  • How business owners can save an average of 12.67% on taxes every year, all while implementing financial strategies that allow you to prioritize your family’s vision for greater financial freedom and impact.

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NOTE: This workshop series is designed as a highly connective and edifying experience for faith based couples. Yes, we’ll talk about entrepreneurship and finance—but we’re also going to explore how the business might be impacting your marriage, your desires for your family, and how couples can work together to build a unified, generationally impactful vision.
If you’re single or only one partner can attend, don’t let that stop you! You’ll still get immense value from these trainings.

But if you have the opportunity to complete this training with your spouse, we promise it will change the way you think about your marriage and your partnership forever.