What Is Kingdom ROI?

Kingdom ROI is an unconventional approach to building generational abundance. We take the focus off of traditional ROI (Return On Investment), and encourage faith-based family leaders and business owners to refocus on what really matters to them:


You want the work you do to bring glory to the Kingdom… but you’re still stuck navigating the systems of the world. Here, we reprioritize our attention to ensure that God is at the helm of your life, marriage, family, and business.


You’ve been called to “love your neighbor as yourself”—but can you honestly say you’re loving yourself well? Likewise, scripture says that when we marry, “the two will become one flesh”—but how does your lack of self-love impact the way you view your spouse, as an individual and as a partner? By prioritizing your health and protecting your energy, you prepare your heart to be a better leader for your family and in the world.


Your family is the reason you do what you do. We’re here to protect their interests and ensure the work you’re doing now blesses your family for generations. We also look at how you’re showing up for your ‘business family’ and identify ways to prepare the next generation with the wisdom needed to lead the company.


You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Now’s the time to intentionally grow and protect what you’ve strived so hard to build. We believe that by putting Faith, Focus, and Family first, our financial plans become much clearer. Instead of striving to hit higher and higher numbers without anchoring those numbers in a vision, we can clearly see a path to achieve the future we want financially.

With Kingdom ROI, we shift the conversation back to INTENTION and IMPACT, for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

By encouraging entrepreneurs to break the mold, shift their mindset, and create a more Kingdom-centered business and financial strategy, we’re helping faith-based leaders set their families up for multigenerational success and experience greater lifetime impact and fulfillment.

It all started with a business dinner gone awry…

My wife, Angel, and I sat across the table from the men I was attempting to strike a deal with—faith-minded businessmen, who up to that point had seemed like the kind of people anyone would be happy to do business with.

“We’re excited for tomorrow’s meeting,” they explained, looking me in the eye. “We can’t wait for you to meet everyone and continue the conversation.”

“And what will you be doing during the meeting?” they asked, turning to Angel. “Are you going to go shopping?”

Both our jaws all but hit the ground. Were they joking?

Angel and I had both assumed she’d be joining me at the meeting. She was and is, after all, my most trusted business advisor.

I’ve spent decades leaning on her discernment and wisdom, and the idea of going into an important business conversation without her was almost laughable.

THIS, I’ve since learned, generally puts me in the minority of businessmen.

In today’s world, most entrepreneurs have been taught that business life and personal life should be kept separate. That we shouldn’t bring work home.

Sounds good on paper. The problem?

Those stressful conversations and tough decisions weigh on your mind at all hours of the day, following you to the dinner table, to your kid’s baseball game, and even into bed at night if you allow them.
Your business impacts every area of your financial, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health… none of which are things best kept from a spouse in a healthy, productive marriage.
The decisions you make with your money inherently impact your family’s financial wellness, freedom, and long-term planning—again, all things our spouses should ideally be part of.

And this is just scratching the surface. The reality is, SO many of the entrepreneurial and financial strategies and mindsets we’ve been taught to trust are actually just setting us up to stay stuck, miserable, and separated from our families.

“Working with Kingdom ROI was life impacting It was refreshing for me to get together with other like-minded men that were married, had kids, and ran businesses. It was a place where we could dive in at a deeper level and talk about the things that truly mattered in life, that was what I enjoyed.

I would refer my friends, family and coworkers to Kingdom ROI for the simple fact that I know what it’s done for me in such a short time. When we experience something that is helpful in our lives, we want people in our lives to experience the same things.”

—Rob Verdi, Southern Hospitality

This is why Kingdom ROI exists. Here, we go beyond talking ‘Return On Investment’ and get back to what really matters—your Return on INTENTION, and your lifetime and generational impact.

Through our free trainings, coaching programs, and satellite companies, we support Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and their spouses in…

Shifting your mindset around building the business and growing their wealth—so you can avoid the unintended consequences of growth.

Uncovering new ways of approaching your business and financial planning, with your true intentions and vision for your family at the forefront.

Creating prosperity and impact that spans this lifetime and sows seeds of success for future generations.

Curious how this new paradigm could impact your business, your marriage, your family, and the rest of your life? Take your first step today…

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