What Are You Doing NOW to Set Your Family Up For Success For the Next 100+ Years?

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Help You Grow & Protect Your Generational Abundance & Impact

So You Can Intentionally Steward Your Wealth, Save Substantially on Taxes, & Create the Legacy You Want to Leave In This World.

“Kingdom ROI provided me with an invaluable perspective.

It helped me prioritize what truly matters and focus my energy on things that make a difference. The eternal perspective it gave me was priceless, as I realized I wasn’t just looking at the 80 or 90 years of my life, but also multi-generational legacy. I believe any couple in business who wants to improve themselves would benefit greatly from engaging with Kingdom ROI.”

— Ben Dichiara

The government and major financial institutions thrive off high-networth families’ lack of preparation. The best time to start proactively protecting your family and your business is TODAY.

Did you know…

  • 56.45% of your wealth is at risk for destruction during your lifetime.
  • 74.85% of the inheritance you bequeath to your heirs will be atrisk as well.
  • Couples where at least one partner is a business owner divorce at a rate 10% above average.
  • 19% of small business owners work an average of 60+ hours per week—causing significant strain, stress, and lack of connection in the family.
  • Entrepreneurs who work 60 or more hours per week are 35% more likely to develop early heart disease.
  • $68 Trillion is set to change hands from one generation to the next in the next 25 years.

You started your business to create wealth, freedom, and abundance for your family…

…but in the process, have you damaged your marriage, missed valuable time with your loved ones, or put your bottom line ahead of your desire for lifetime and generational impact?

“The Kingdom ROI journey brought our marriage closer together than ever before, which led to growth in the business..

Kingdom ROI taught me new ways to live and gave me new tools to utilize that were simple, yet effective. It has changed my life for the better. Kingdom ROI set me up for an opportunity to make an impact within my business, as well as in my home life.”

—Lauren & Matthew Knick, Founders, Willogrove Landscaping

As a business owner, you’ve been taught to trust certain financial systems and mindsets.

  • You’ve been taught to endlessly chase a Return on Investment.
  • To constantly seek MORE in the name of more.
  • To prioritize scaling and building your bottom line.

…But what if everything you’ve been taught about managing your business and your money—is actually a trap the world uses to keep you stuck on the hamster wheel?

The truth is—for all business owners, and especially for faith-minded business owners—blindly chasing a Return On Investment will never be enough to satisfy you.

It’s not enough to lead to lifetime and generational impact.

It’s not enough to save your marriage.

It’s not enough to ensure your family’s long-term success.

If you want your money to support what matters most to you—then it’s time to start thinking differently.

“ I’ve been working with Kingdom ROI for the past two years. I can confidently say that they are one of the most professional and reliable teams I’ve worked with. 

Their attention to detail and ability to deliver quality work on time is truly impressive. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating them on several projects, and they always go above and beyond to ensure that our goals are met.

They take the time to understand our needs and come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Working with them has been a great experience, and I would highly recommend Kingdom ROI to anyone looking for a trustworthy and capable partner.”

— Joey Wilson, Retired Bank Executive

What Is Kingdom ROI?

Kingdom ROI is an unconventional approach to building generational abundance. We take the focus off of traditional ROI (Return On Investment), and encourage faith-based family leaders and business owners to refocus on what really matters to them:


You want the work you do to bring glory to the Kingdom… but you’re still stuck navigating the systems of the world. Here, we reprioritize our attention to ensure that God is at the helm of your life, marriage, family, and business.


You’ve been called to “love your neighbor as yourself”—but can you honestly say you’re loving yourself well? Likewise, scripture says that when we marry, “the two will become one flesh”—but how does your lack of self-love impact the way you view your spouse, as an individual and as a partner? By prioritizing your health and protecting your energy, you prepare your heart to be a better leader for your family and in the world.


Your family is the reason you do what you do. We’re here to protect their interests and ensure the work you’re doing now blesses your family for generations. We also look at how you’re showing up for your ‘business family’ and identify ways to prepare the next generation with the wisdom needed to lead the company.


You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Now’s the time to intentionally grow and protect what you’ve strived so hard to build. We believe that by putting Faith, Focus, and Family first, our financial plans become much clearer. Instead of striving to hit higher and higher numbers without anchoring those numbers in a vision, we can clearly see a path to achieve the future we want financially.

With Kingdom ROI, we shift the conversation back to INTENTION and IMPACT, for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

By encouraging entrepreneurs to break the mold, shift their mindset, and create a more Kingdom-centered business and financial strategy, we’re helping faith-based leaders set their families up for multigenerational success and experience greater lifetime impact and fulfillment.

Your Path to Generational Abundance

How Kingdom ROI Helps High-Networth Families Steward Their Blessings, Plan For Eternity, & Protect Their Wealth From the Systems of the World.

“It was quickly evident that Kingdom ROI’s approach was so different and so personal.

They were not just concerned with us, but for our family as well. They helped us develop an understanding that God owns everything. This really resonated with us.”

—Dave and Sandra Schultheis

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If we’re aligned to partner together, we guarantee we’ll find you at least $20k (or more!) in 100% legally and ethically sound tax savings opportunities…

…Or we’ll give back every single cent and send you on your way.

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  • GROWTH ROUNDTABLE – An interactive event for spouses who want a more Kingdom-centered approach to life, business, and beyond.
  • BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE – For entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about growing your business, from a faith-centered POV. (Spouses are welcome here, too!)


“Kingdom ROI improved my faith life, my family life, and my business life.

The biggest benefit of partnering with Kingdom ROI was having three areas of my life improved. I was equipped to grow in my relationship with God, improve my marriage, and to lead my son spiritually.”

—Daniel Munn, Partner, Keller Williams Realty

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