The World’s Financial Systems & Business Mindsets Are Keeping Your Family Stuck.

Find Out How Purpose-Minded Business Owners and Families Can Shift Their Mindset to Put Family & Faith-Based Values Back at the Helm…

…All While Increasing Your Return On Investment, Return On Intention, & Return On Impact.

Did you know…

56.45% of your wealth is at risk of destruction during your lifetime:

  • 24.23% – The divorce rate for business owners is 10% higher than the general public. Divorce destroys 50% of your accumulated wealth.

○ 70% of divorces are initiated by women.
○ The most common cause of divorce is Lack of Commitment.

  • 15% – 50% of business sales are not voluntary causing a 30% liquidity discount (i.e. “fire sale”) on the transaction.
  • 12.65% – The average annual drag caused  by tax payments.
  • 3.45% – The average long term inflation rate.
  • 1.12% – The average excess fees in most financial products.

74.85% of your wealth is at risk of destruction after you pass away:

  • 23.53% – 56.09% of all wealth that will transfer in the next 25 years is not liquid.

○ If these assets need to be sold for liquidity and taxes, this results in a 30% liquidity discount (i.e. “fire sale”) on the transaction.

  • 51.32% – Wealth that is destroyed in the first generation.

○ 30.79% due to lack of communication and trust.
○ 12.83% due to unprepared heirs.
○ 5.13% due to divorce, addiction and other behavioral issues.
○ 2.57% due to poor estate planning and taxes.

You started your business to create wealth, freedom, and prosperity for your family…

…but in the process, have you damaged your marriage, missed valuable time with your loved ones, or put your bottom line ahead of your desire for lifetime and generational impact?

Kingdom ROI University taught me new ways to live and gave me new tools to utilize that were simple, yet effective. It has changed my life for the better. Kingdom ROI set me up for an opportunity to make an impact within my business, as well as in my home life.” – Matthew K.

You’ve been taught to trust certain financial systems and mindsets.

  • You’ve been taught to endlessly chase a Return on Investment. 100% 100%
  • To constantly seek MORE in the name of more. 100% 100%
  • To prioritize scaling and building your bottom line. 100% 100%

…But what if everything you’ve been taught about managing your business and your money—is actually a trap the world uses to keep you stuck on the hamster wheel?

The truth is—for all business owners, and especially for faith minded business owners—blindly chasing a Return On Investment will never be enough to satisfy you.

It’s not enough to lead to lifetime and generational impact.

It’s not enough to save your marriage.

It’s not enough to ensure your family’s long-term success.

If you want your money to support what matters most to you—then it’s time to start thinking differently about how your business is impacting your family life.

Uncover a Faith & Family Focused Approach to Building a Successful Business.
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What Is Kingdom ROI?

Kingdom ROI is an unconventional approach to business and wealth that takes the focus off traditional ROI (Return On Investment), and encourages faith based owners to turn their focus towards what really matters to them:

Family stability & wellbeing

Cultivating a healthy, happy marriage

Creating lifetime and generational impact

With Kingdom ROI, we shift the conversation back to IMPACT, for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

By encouraging families to break the mold, shift their mindset, and create a more Kingdom-centered business and financial strategy, we’re helping faith-based leaders set their families up for multigenerational success and experience greater lifetime impact and fulfillment.

Uncover a Faith & Family Focused Approach to Building Generational Wealth.
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